Manufactoring and Technology


Our work is based on knowledge provided by 50 years of experience and craftsmanship of our professionals.

In the TECHNICAL OFFICE, our technicians and engineers with the use of modern tools and calculations that combine graphic design through MASTER-CAM HEIDENHAIN machine language which is what our CNC machines use for machining the tool designed.

Based on a map, a sample or by applying reverse engineering techniques (digitized pieces) designed to make both as Conventional Progressive Dies.

We also design the entire range of tools and machinery for Stamping accessories.


Die casting is the core part of our business because it affects the finish of the pieces of our customers.

We have eight hundred Park Dies in stock for our customers that we maintain and get ready for the final product specifications.

The main equipment available to us in the Die casting Workshop are:

  • CNC Machining Center, Quasar MV-154PL
  • CNC milling machine CORREA CF-17 model
  • Electric CNC, ONA KE 350
  • lathe PINACHO S90/310
  • GER RSA-750 Grinder
  • Digitizing ? Cyclone series 2-RENISHAW
  • 3D Dimensional Control Equipment CNC – HEXAGON PC DMIS.


The new factory is organized into four productive sections which complement each other and in a modern Lay Out.

The first section focuses on the SPECIAL DRAWING and for this we have two hydraulic presses with Automatic Regulation and Control, a 600 ton (ONAPRES) and another of 400 tons (LOIRE-SAFT).

The second section focuses on progressive dies LONG SERIES, features three programmable automatic mechanical press ARISA a 400 ton and two 250-ton and Programmable Feeders DIMECO.

The third section focuses on MEDIUM AND SMALL SERIES components of great technical complexity and consists of nine conventional mechanical presses from 250 to 150 tons (ARISA, FAGOR, DELTECO), several of them are robotic and automated (with IKERTEK technology and KUKA robots .)

The fourth section of production, is dedicated to the production of special series and high precision stamping. There are two automatic programmable presses from 45 tons to 75 tons (MIOS) with automatic feeders (LASA) and 3 conventional mechanical presses ARISA. We also have a 25-ton hydraulic RIBA press and a 15 ton BUCH . This section has two flexible cells and a CNC machining center, where there is small machining, assembly and welding.


In 2003 we began the journey to achieve excellence in the approaches of the European Quality Model EFQM with the PREMIE program and we obtained the diploma number D086/03.

Our system is fully integrated, from receipt of the order to dispatch through processing.

This system is based on MRPII manufacturing, SOFYHARD package (Administrative tasks and shopping) and a powerful product database and enginerring process.

We were granted the TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION AGENDA BEA/0000756/08 by the SPRI in April 2009.

We were granted the TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION AGENDA BEA/0000756/08 by the SPRI in April 2009. We were awarded our ENVIRONMENTAL CERTIFICATION UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 by SGS. Number ES10/8163 which is valid until March 21, 2013

We were awarded our Quality Certification UNE EN ISO 9.001:2008, number ES01/0314 which is valid until March 21, 2013 by SGS. We are certified in:

  • The “Design, construction and repair of dies, die-matrices and use.”
  • The “Punching and stamping according to customer requirements”.
  • Customers, products and services


We have over 900 live parts for different sectors such as aeronautics, automotive, ENERGY, ELECTRICITY, ELECTRONICS, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, MINING, ELEVATION, CONSTRUCTION AND APPLIANCES those we serve in KANBAN and agreed quality.

We work with ferrous metal materials such as carbon steel, stainless and special (advanced ALLOYS AVIATION), non-ferrous metals such as bronze, brass, zincs, copper and aluminum and other non-metallic materials such as polymers, ABS, acrylic and FIBERGLASS.

We finish with different machined parts or welds and subsequent surface treatments such as silver, nickel, zinc, chromates, pickling, Anodized, Galvanized, aluminized and painted with epoxy powder like KTL.